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My career as an artist began when I discovered the world of animation.

Yes, I always wanted to be in the arts but did not know which direction to steer my ambitions.  My work in the music industry, as an active professional drummer for several years, helped to pave the way for other creative ventures.  Giving me a sense of permission to forge ahead in areas I previously knew nothing about.

I could always draw but I didn't realize that I could also sculpt until given the opportunity on The New Adventures of Gumby, 1987-88.  It was there that I learned everything I needed to know about stop motion work, from the ground up.

Today I teach those same lessons to my students, often as an introduction to the broader world of animation as viewed through the lens of stop motion


Norm DeCarlo
(415) 420-7319

06/2015 - Present    California College of the Arts    1111 8th Street, San Francisco, CA
           Stop motion animation techniques and principles, Sculpture for animation. Set Design and 
           Fabrication for Stop Motion Animation.  

09/2011 – Present    The Academy of Art University   180 New Montgomery St. San Francisco, CA           Graduate and undergraduate level stop motion animation techniques and principals,             
          macquette sculpture for animation, mixed media for animation, pre-production principles                   and techniques, set design and fabrication for stop motion animation, professional                             standards practices for visual development and kinetics and mechanics (automata design               and fabrication) 

09/2017 - 12/2017    San Francisco State University    1600 Holloway Ave, San Francisco, CA   
           Stop motion animation techniques and principles.. 

04/2002 – Present     DeCarlo Studio     San Francisco, CA 
           Creative Director
          Co-operated a complete film and video production service specializing in stop motion    
          animation solutions to visual problems.

02/03 - 07/2003        Nigel Productions   San Francisco, CA
           Gang Boss/Sculptor
          Created character sculpts for the Disney animated feature film “The Wild” as a member of    
          the character development team.
06/01 - 09/2002        EON Productions   Alameda, CA 
           Sculptor/Prop Maker, Gang Boss 
          Lead a crew that created the large cave sequence and other large scale set and creature    
          sculpts used in the live action and/or high speed filming of Matrix Revolutions and Matrix    

06/96 - 04/1998        PIXAR Animation Studio    Emeryville, CA
          Created character maquettes and environmental studies for 'Toy Story', ‘A Bug’s Life’ and   
          ‘Toy Story 2’ in addition to attending and graduating from PIXAR’s own animation university.           
Created many sculptures for PIXAR’s Monsters Inc. and Academy Award winning short
          film“For the Birds”.

02/92 - 10/1995        Danger Productions    Brisbane, CA 
           Art Director      
          Art director/Production Designer for the series ‘Bump In the Night’ which aired for two  
           seasons on ABC. Also art directed a two hour Christmas Special.

06/91 - 11/1993        Skellington Productions    San Francisco, CA 
          Established, equipped and supervised the sculpture department for the Disney feature 
          animated film ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.

06/87 - 1/1988        PrimaVision Productions    Sausalito, CA 
           Art Generalist
          Included all aspects of production and pre-production for a stop motion animated project of
          any type.
          Previous experience includes work as an Art Director for Grey Advertising
          San Francisco, CA.

           Minneapolis College of Art and Design  1974
          PIXAR University Animation Class 1997



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