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DeCarlo Studio was an entity that I helped to found but is now an historical fact. Both feature film work but primarily it was our television work was the mainstay business that kept the studio afloat.  We worked indirectly for Colossal Pictures in San Francisco as their shop away from their own very busy full time set and prop shop.  Below is a sample reel from that entire period of time. 

This was the only piece of animation that I personally directed, for the now defunct Radio Shack.

The Pillsbury Dough-Boy, Poppin' Fresh, was our contract for several years.  We had lots of fun creating him, his many props and set pieces, all directed by Henry Selick at the beginning of his career at Colossal Pictures of San Francisco.

'Bump in the Night' was a television series that took place largely in a little boy's bedroom where a monster lived under his bed named Mr. Bumpy.  Such were the tales being woven by my friends and I after the Gumby show ended.  We had two full seasons on ABC Children's Television and were working on the third season when we were cancelled by Disney who had just acquired ABC.

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