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I am a drummer and have been since the sixth grade. I have had a good but relatively short professional career in Minnesota, where I migrated from in 1974, and then the San Francisco bay area where I have lived ever since.  I have made many dear friends in those hallowed circles, friendships that I cherish to this day.  Below are some random images relating to some of my musical associations.

The Lean Mean Blues Band was a lot of fun and gave me a great excuse to build a web site, posters and all manner of cool brand identity.

This is the great Charlie Musselwhite and I one warm sunny day in Northern California, somewhere.

This was my musician logo for a while.  I was known as "Wolf DeCarlo", in some circles.

This is a water color I did years ago to "illustrate" my joy in making music, but also to all my musician friends, whom I love.

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