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I have been privileged to be able to work for, and alongside the great Phil Tippett, assisting him on a wide variety of projects that includes early work I contributed to his epic masterpiece,  'Mad God', released in 2022.  I was a sculptor, mold maker, model maker, and painter on this production.  Phil has a wonderful ensemble of very talented people working for him, folks with whom I felt an immediate kinship.


As a stop motion animation specialist I am proud that I can handle any problem assigned to me, confident in my understanding that there was no better methodology, technique or materials choices made on my client's behalf that could reasonably be improved upon or negatively critiqued, by anyone.  That is the gold standard I attempt to regularly imbue into my student's lesson plans, that craft, in all of it's forms, is the essential element that leads to success in this business.

I sculpted Satan, created many models used as background elements in addition to making molds of the 'Assassin' character, casting them and painting them to create the illusion of hundreds of troops, ready for war.

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