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Here are some examples of things I have created over the years, for example:  The Clown idea was a concept for a puppet I intended to build at some point, but never followed through.


The images to your right was a commission from the San Francisco Eye Institute for a traveling exhibit that toured the country explaining the function of our eyes through this model of a cow's eye, enlarged of course.

I am, apparently, the last purveyor of Beniamino Bufano's work, in selling miniature replicas of some of his most iconic pieces.  I have been granted permission from the Beniamino Bufano Society to sell these few items as what they are, replicas of the master's works, except for the large cat which is in fact a casting from one of Bufano's molds.  All of the works you see here are cold cast bronzes.  The small replicas are approximately 1 1/4" long by 1 1/4" tall, depending on the figure, the larger cat is 4 3/8" long 2 7/8" wide by 2 3/8" tall, mounted on its base.  Contact me for prices and approximate delivery dates at:

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